Columboys is a podcast all about the rumpled, wood-paneled, murderous world of Lieutenant Columbo hosted by Mack and Ben. Mack has seen every episode and Ben is seeing them all for the very first time. Episodes are released every other Sunday. Come along on an episodic journey through the 35 year history of this beloved series.

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    Columboys - 59 - Death Hits the Jackpot

    Rip Torn is a jeweler who murders his lottery-winning nephew to solve his financial woes. I mean that's what happens in the show. That's not actually what happened to Rip Torn in his real life. Please don't edit Rip Torn's Wikipedia entry to say he's a broke jewelry store owner/murderer.

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    Columboys - 58 - Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star

    Columbo is on the trail of Dabney Coleman who, along with his accomplice: his moustache, murdered his rock star lover to keep her from blackmailing him. meanwhile the Columboys discuss the May Day protests in Mack's neighborhood when this was recorded, and talk about safely protesting during a pandemic, a topic which will have no relevancy here a month later. Alright, that's the episode description down, now to take a big sip of coffee and check the news...

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    Columboys - 56 - Columbo Goes To College

    The Columboys are going back to school! Columbo must catch a couple of frat boy murderers who kill their professor to prevent him from exposing them for cheating on a test. Seems like a bit of an overreaction...

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    Columboys - 55 - Murder in Malibu

    A loathsome lothario murders his lover when his lecherous libido is lobbed into the light. Meanwhile the Columboys are slowly going crazy in quarantine. Enjoy!

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    Columboys - 54 - Uneasy Lies the Crown

    Columbo must match wits with the most average intellect he's run up against as a dentist to the stars does a very poor job of framing his wife for murder. Meanwhile the Columboys are on lockdown due to recent events! Please enjoy this hastily edited episode of content as you desperately look for something, anything, to do during quarantine!

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    Columboys - 53 - Rest in Peace, Mrs Columbo

    Mrs. Columbo is dead! Help Columbo and those dang Columboys figure out how we ever got here. If only we could go back... back to the beginning...

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    Columboys - 52 - Agenda For Murder

    The Columboys reunite with Patrick McGoohan and each other in a episode so good, they had to bring in special guest Molly Lewis to help! Enjoy!

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    Columboys - 51 - Columbo Cries Wolf

    Technical issues with episode 50 mean that you get episode 51 early! Lucky you! This episode Columbo is on the trail of a murderous semi-pornographer. Or is he?! ... He is.

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    Columboys - 49 - Grand Deceptions

    Columbo gets to the bottom of a murder at a paramilitary training camp as the Columboys enjoy a brief respite from the aggressively 1980s flavor of Season 8.

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