Columboys is a podcast all about the rumpled, wood-paneled, murderous world of Lieutenant Columbo hosted by Mack and Ben. Come along on an episodic journey through the 35 year history of this beloved series.

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    Columboys - 26 - An Exercise In Fatality

    Columbo faces off against a fitness guru who murders a gym owner to cover up a scam. Meanwhile, the Columboys fight a war against themselves in the future, by including a bunch of stuff that made editing this episode a lot more involved. Curse you, Columboys of the past!

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    Columboys - 25 - A Friend in Deed

    Columbo must catch a duplicitous police commissioner (Richard Kiley) and his hapless neighbor who trade murders. There are a lot of Jurassic Park references in this episode so hopefully people remember that Richard Kiley was in that. They do, right? Oh no. We've made a terrible mistake.

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    Columboys - 24 - Swan Song

    Columbo must catch a Man in Black whose plane plummets into a Ring of Fire. Now he must Walk the Line between good and evil in order to put this Wayfaring Stranger into Folsom Prison before Some else gets Hurt. It's Johnny Cash. Did you get what I was doing there? Johnny Cash is the murderer. Enjoy.

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    Columboys - 23 - Mind Over Mayhem

    Columbo is on the trail of a scientist who murders his colleague to cover up plagiarism in this week's episode. Meanwhile, the Columboys confront an ancient evil that has arisen to confront our heroes once more.

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    Columboys - 22 - Publish or Perish

    Jack Cassidy returns as a murderous publisher. It's completely different from the time he played a murderous writer. He's very versatile! Stay tuned after the episode for a trip into madness!

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    Columboys - 21 - Double Exposure

    Robert Culp returns for what might be his best episode, portraying an ad executive who murders a client. To catch him, Columbo must use every trick in the book, specifically the book "The Mind String and How To Pull It."

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    Columboys - 20 - Candidate for Crime

    Columbo must catch a senator responsible for the violent death of of his campaign manager. A politician involved in criminal behavior?! Now I've heard everything!

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    Columboys - 19 - Any Old Port in a Storm

    An egotistical winery owner kills his brother and tries to make it look like an accident and Columbo must struggle to uncover the truth. Meanwhile an exhausted podcaster struggles to type out yet another description for a show with incredibly similar plots. Will he manage to come up with a creative but interesting way to introduce this week's episode?

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    Columboys - 18 - Lovely But Lethal

    A failing cosmetics executive murders a duplicitous scientist for a miracle cream. Later, Columbo arrives.

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    Columboys - 17 - Double Shock

    Martin Landau plays twins whose rich uncle is murdered. But which twin was the culprit? Also Mack and Ben allow themselves a brief moment of sincerity. Don't worry, it won't happen again!

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