Columboys is a podcast all about the rumpled, wood-paneled, murderous world of Lieutenant Columbo hosted by Mack and Ben. Come along on an episodic journey through the 35 year history of this beloved series.

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    Columboys - 22 - Publish or Perish

    Jack Cassidy returns as a murderous publisher. It's completely different from the time he played a murderous writer. He's very versatile! Stay tuned after the episode for a trip into madness!

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    Columboys - 21 - Double Exposure

    Robert Culp returns for what might be his best episode, portraying an ad executive who murders a client. To catch him, Columbo must use every trick in the book, specifically the book "The Mind String and How To Pull It."

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    Columboys - 20 - Candidate for Crime

    Columbo must catch a senator responsible for the violent death of of his campaign manager. A politician involved in criminal behavior?! Now I've heard everything!

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    Columboys - 19 - Any Old Port in a Storm

    An egotistical winery owner kills his brother and tries to make it look like an accident and Columbo must struggle to uncover the truth. Meanwhile an exhausted podcaster struggles to type out yet another description for a show with incredibly similar plots. Will he manage to come up with a creative but interesting way to introduce this week's episode?

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    Columboys - 18 - Lovely But Lethal

    A failing cosmetics executive murders a duplicitous scientist for a miracle cream. Later, Columbo arrives.

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    Columboys - 17 - Double Shock

    Martin Landau plays twins whose rich uncle is murdered. But which twin was the culprit? Also Mack and Ben allow themselves a brief moment of sincerity. Don't worry, it won't happen again!

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    Columboys - 16 - The Most Dangerous Match

    Columbo must match wits with a chess master who's always 5 moves ahead! Will his next move be a check mate? Castling! I'm out of chess jargon. Enjoy the episode!

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    Columboys - 15 - A Stitch in Crime

    Columbo must catch a crafty surgeon (Leonard Nimoy) before his patient's heart gives out. Will Columbo catch this highly logical villain and exactly how many times can mack use "live long and prosper" as the 'one more thing'? At least two so far!

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    Columboys - 14 - Requiem for a Falling Star

    A fading film star accidentally murders her assistant while trying to murder a tabloid journalist and The Columboys fall in love with legendary costumer Edith Head.

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    Columboys - 13 - Dagger of the Mind

    Columbo must solve a murder in Merry old England, or Southern California, depending on what scene you're talking about. Meanwhile, The Columboys must solve the mystery of exactly which podcast it is that they're doing.

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    Columboys - 12 - The Most Crucial Game

    Robert Culp returns in his most mustachioed role to date as a sports manager who kills off the philandering owner of a football team. It's a good one, folks!

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    Columboys - 11 - The Greenhouse Jungle

    This week Columbo must solve the case when a fake kidnapping turns to real murder. Meanwhile the Columboys struggle with their greatest problem yet: how to edit this episode of the podcast!

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    Columboys - 10 - Etude in Black

    A symphony's conductor murders a pianist and tried to make it look like a suicide. Will Columbo's investigation fall flat or will he be sharp? Hey I know that's an awful joke, but writing these things is hard and this podcast is free.

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    Columboys - 9 - S01E07 - Blueprint for Murder

    In the Season 1 Finale, Columbo must catch a devious architect who schemes to make his rich financier disappear. But when a costly and high-profile search turns up nothing, will Columbo ever catch his prey? Yes! Obviously he will. I can't believe you're asking that. This is the 9th episode of Columboys and you still haven't figured that part out? Sheesh.

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    Columboys - 8 - S01E06 - Short Fuse

    Columbo struggles to catch a whiz-kid chemist who murders his uncle to take over the family business, and the Columboys struggle to not talk about Roddy McDowall's extremely tight pants for the entire episode. Spoiler alert: Columbo is successful, the Columboys, less so.

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    Columboys - 7 - S01E05 - Lady in Waiting

    Columbo must crack the case when a wealthy heiress's plan to make her brother's murder look like a suicide goes awry. Meanwhile the Columboys must crack the case of just what the heck was up with that pool table in the department store.

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    Columboys - 6 - S01E04 - Suitable For Framing

    In this episode Columbo must somehow outwit the least capable and most obvious murderer of the entire series, a TV art critic who murders his uncle for his art collection.

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    Columboys - 5 - S01E03 - Dead Weight

    Columbo must solve a murder but the sole witness is being romanced (and gaslit to hell and back) by the killer!

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    Columboys - 4 - S01E02 - Death Lends a Hand

    Columbo matches wits with a ruthless investigator (Robert Culp) who murders the wife of a newspaper magnate to cover up his blackmail ring.

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    Columboys - 3 - S01E01 - Murder by the Book

    In this Spielberg Directed, Bochco scripted, Mancini scored debut episode , Mack and Ben find little to criticize and a lot to love!

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    Columboys - 2 - S01E00 - Ransom for a Dead Man

    A rich lawyer with a pilot's license (this is actually relevant, I swear) murders her husband and tries to make it look like a kidnapping gone wrong.

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    Columboys - 1 - The Original 1968 TV Movie - Prescription: Murder

    In the first ever (sort of) Columbo movie broadcast on television (kinda), Columbo is on the case of a psychiatrist who murders his wife with the help of his patient/lover. Absolutely no medications are prescribed during this movie.

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