Columboys is a podcast all about the rumpled, wood-paneled, murderous world of Lieutenant Columbo hosted by Mack and Ben. Mack has seen every episode and Ben is seeing them all for the very first time. Episodes are released every other Sunday. Come along on an episodic journey through the 35 year history of this beloved series.

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    Columboys - 60 - No Time to Die

    Columbo mus track down the kidnapper of his nephew's bride, in this incredibly un-Columbo episode of Columbo. Meanwhile the Columboys are struggling with their sanity. Will the podcast survive this quarantine?! Yes obviously. It's really easy to record remotely and they've been doing that for months. It's not a big deal. Thanks for listening.

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    Columboys - 59 - Death Hits the Jackpot

    Rip Torn is a jeweler who murders his lottery-winning nephew to solve his financial woes. I mean that's what happens in the show. That's not actually what happened to Rip Torn in his real life. Please don't edit Rip Torn's Wikipedia entry to say he's a broke jewelry store owner/murderer.

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    Columboys - 58 - Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star

    Columbo is on the trail of Dabney Coleman who, along with his accomplice: his moustache, murdered his rock star lover to keep her from blackmailing him. meanwhile the Columboys discuss the May Day protests in Mack's neighborhood when this was recorded, and talk about safely protesting during a pandemic, a topic which will have no relevancy here a month later. Alright, that's the episode description down, now to take a big sip of coffee and check the news...

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    Columboys - 56 - Columbo Goes To College

    The Columboys are going back to school! Columbo must catch a couple of frat boy murderers who kill their professor to prevent him from exposing them for cheating on a test. Seems like a bit of an overreaction...

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    Columboys - 55 - Murder in Malibu

    A loathsome lothario murders his lover when his lecherous libido is lobbed into the light. Meanwhile the Columboys are slowly going crazy in quarantine. Enjoy!

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    Columboys - 54 - Uneasy Lies the Crown

    Columbo must match wits with the most average intellect he's run up against as a dentist to the stars does a very poor job of framing his wife for murder. Meanwhile the Columboys are on lockdown due to recent events! Please enjoy this hastily edited episode of content as you desperately look for something, anything, to do during quarantine!

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    Columboys - 53 - Rest in Peace, Mrs Columbo

    Mrs. Columbo is dead! Help Columbo and those dang Columboys figure out how we ever got here. If only we could go back... back to the beginning...

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    Columboys - 52 - Agenda For Murder

    The Columboys reunite with Patrick McGoohan and each other in a episode so good, they had to bring in special guest Molly Lewis to help! Enjoy!

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    Columboys - 51 - Columbo Cries Wolf

    Technical issues with episode 50 mean that you get episode 51 early! Lucky you! This episode Columbo is on the trail of a murderous semi-pornographer. Or is he?! ... He is.

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    Columboys - 49 - Grand Deceptions

    Columbo gets to the bottom of a murder at a paramilitary training camp as the Columboys enjoy a brief respite from the aggressively 1980s flavor of Season 8.

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    Columboys - 48 - Sex and the Married Detective

    Columbo must sexily catch a sexy sex therapist who done a murder with sex. Meanwhile the Columboys struggle valiantly to come up with anything positive to say about this episode.

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    Columboys - 47 - Murder, Smoke and Shadows

    Columbo must uncover the mystery hidden behind the smoke and mirrors of a Hollywood special effects artist's murderous scheme. Meanwhile the Columboys settle in for their long hard journey through the 1980's.

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    Columboys - 46 - Columbo Goes to the Guillotine

    Columbo is hot on the trail of a fake psychic who murders an old friend for reasons too complicated to go into in this description. Welcome to the 80's, Columboys. It's gonna get weird!

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    Columboys - 45 - The Conspirators

    Columbo must track down the charming Irish poet who is the front-man for an IRA gun running operation. Join the Columboys as they say goodbye to the original 1970's run of Columbo!

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    Columboys - 44 - How to Dial a Murder

    Columbo is on the trail of a psychologist obsessed with control who murders his friend and colleague. Listen as the Columboys enthuse about this fantastic episode and do whatever the opposite of a hate-watch is.

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    Columboys - 43 - Make Me a Perfect Murder

    A television executive murders her boss when he refuses to name her as his successor. Columbo stares at an osciliscope. The Columboys are driven to the brink of madness. You are entertained by this podcast. Three of these things have come to pass! Can the fourth be far behind?!

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    Columboys - 42 - Murder Under Glass

    Columbo tries to track down a murderous food critic in between stuffing his face with delicious food. Honestly he eats so goddamn much in this episode. It's ridiculous. Meanwhile the Columboys try to unravel the mysteries of recording a podcast remotely, Mario's dead-eyed stare, and BANK CAKE.

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    Columboys - 41 - Try and Catch Me

    Columbo must match wits with the delightful Ruth Gordon, who plays a mystery writer who murders her nephew in an act of cold blooded revenge. But she's actually very sweet. Also the Columboys discuss some upcoming changes to the podcast!

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    Columboys - 40 - The Bye-Bye Sky High I.Q. Murder Case

    A member of a club for geniuses murders his business partner and uses his diabolical brain to devise the perfect cover-up. Can Columbo overcome this criminal conundrum? The Columboys are both recovering from trips so this one gets a little loopy folks, but it's a lot of fun!

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    Columboys - 39 - Old Fashioned Murder

    The world's youngest old maid, Joyce Van Patten, murders her brother to keep him from selling off the family museum. Meanwhile the Columboys come to grips with one of the most baffling performances in television history.

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    Columboys - 38 - Fade in to Murder

    This week Columbo must contend with the hammy William Shatner as the even hammier Ward Fowler as the positively porcine Lt. Lucerne. Is this episode a boar, or is it completely kosher? Only the Columboys can find out! This episode description courtesy of

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    Columboys - 37 - Last Salute to the Commodore

    Columbo must track down the murderer of a shipping magnate. Is this episode of Columbo so bad it's good, or so bad it's bad? It's bad, that part we're sure of.

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    Columboys - 36 - Now You See Him

    In this episode, a creepy stage magician (is there any other kind) murders a blackmailing club owner. Meanwhile the Columboys studio is falling apart! Mack goofed too hard on this one and broke furniture. Oops.

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    BONUS Episode - Mrs Columbo - S1E1

    In this week's BONUS episode, The Columboys delve into the non-canonical world of Mrs Columbo starring Kate Mulgrew. This episode was made possible through the generosity of donors to the show but is available for all! If you'd like to hear more bonus episodes head to and chip in and if we get enough donations we'll keep this bonus train rolling! Choo Choo?

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    Columboys - 35 - A Matter of Honor

    Columbo heads south of the border to catch a matador who offs his business manager to hide his cowardice. The majority of this episode is spent raining praise upon the one and only Ricardo Montalban. We're not sorry. He deserves all of it!

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    Columboys - 34 - Identity Crisis

    Columbo must catch a deadly spy who murders his partner to cover up some light treason. Once again Patrick MacGoohan is back and The Columboys couldn't be happier about it!

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    Columboys - 33 - A Case of Immunity

    A foreign dignitary hides behind diplomatic immunity when Columbo investigates a murder in an embassy. Listen as the Columboys attempt to discuss this well acted but problematically cast episode. Jeff Goldblum guest stars... sort of.

  29. Thumb 1555817561 artwork

    Columboys - 32 - Forgotten Lady

    A retired film star murders her husband who's standing in the way of her big comeback. But is there more to this story than it seems? Watching the episode is STRONGLY SUGGESTED this time. It's a good one!

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    Columboys - 31 - A Deadly State of Mind

    George Hamilton, a psychedelic psychiatrist with a penchant for playing around with patients painfully polishes off the paterfamilias of his paramour before persuading her into perishing in a perilous plunge into purgatory.

  31. Thumb 1553570178 artwork

    Columboys - 30 - Playback

    Columbo faces a master of mechanical mayhem who murders his matrimonial matriarch! Can the creased and crumpled cop catch the crafty criminal? Will our Dynamic Duo be able to release their podcast on time this week? Find out the answers to this and many other questions, this week on Columboys!

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    Columboys - 29 - Troubled Waters

    Columbo's cruise to Mexico is interrupted when he tries catch a wily car salesman who murders a singer to cover up an affair. Will he catch the killer and still make it to the Lido Deck in time for the limbo contest? Meanwhile the Columboys battle tone, pacing, and Morpheus the Dreamlord in their struggle to keep interested in this episode of the beloved 70's detective series.

  33. Thumb 1550987033 artwork

    Columboys - 28 - By Dawn's Early Light

    An accident takes the life of the owner of a military academy, but Columbo suspects murder. He's right of course. I mean this is a Columbo after all! Meanwhile the Columboys are up to their old tricks in another episode of this mildly beloved podcast.

  34. Thumb 1549767486 artwork

    Columboys - 27 - Negative Reaction

    Columbo must track down a murderous cockney chimney sweep played by Dick van Dyke. I think? It's been a couple months since I saw this one.

  35. Thumb 1548584871 artwork

    Columboys - 26 - An Exercise In Fatality

    Columbo faces off against a fitness guru who murders a gym owner to cover up a scam. Meanwhile, the Columboys fight a war against themselves in the future, by including a bunch of stuff that made editing this episode a lot more involved. Curse you, Columboys of the past!

  36. Thumb 1547375319 artwork

    Columboys - 25 - A Friend in Deed

    Columbo must catch a duplicitous police commissioner (Richard Kiley) and his hapless neighbor who trade murders. There are a lot of Jurassic Park references in this episode so hopefully people remember that Richard Kiley was in that. They do, right? Oh no. We've made a terrible mistake.

  37. Thumb 1546163818 artwork

    Columboys - 24 - Swan Song

    Columbo must catch a Man in Black whose plane plummets into a Ring of Fire. Now he must Walk the Line between good and evil in order to put this Wayfaring Stranger into Folsom Prison before Some else gets Hurt. It's Johnny Cash. Did you get what I was doing there? Johnny Cash is the murderer. Enjoy.

  38. Thumb 1544946941 artwork

    Columboys - 23 - Mind Over Mayhem

    Columbo is on the trail of a scientist who murders his colleague to cover up plagiarism in this week's episode. Meanwhile, the Columboys confront an ancient evil that has arisen to confront our heroes once more.

  39. Thumb 1543727209 artwork

    Columboys - 22 - Publish or Perish

    Jack Cassidy returns as a murderous publisher. It's completely different from the time he played a murderous writer. He's very versatile! Stay tuned after the episode for a trip into madness!

  40. Thumb 1542543267 artwork

    Columboys - 21 - Double Exposure

    Robert Culp returns for what might be his best episode, portraying an ad executive who murders a client. To catch him, Columbo must use every trick in the book, specifically the book "The Mind String and How To Pull It."

  41. Thumb 1541334091 artwork

    Columboys - 20 - Candidate for Crime

    Columbo must catch a senator responsible for the violent death of of his campaign manager. A politician involved in criminal behavior?! Now I've heard everything!

  42. Thumb 1540095121 artwork

    Columboys - 19 - Any Old Port in a Storm

    An egotistical winery owner kills his brother and tries to make it look like an accident and Columbo must struggle to uncover the truth. Meanwhile an exhausted podcaster struggles to type out yet another description for a show with incredibly similar plots. Will he manage to come up with a creative but interesting way to introduce this week's episode?

  43. Thumb 1538864887 artwork

    Columboys - 18 - Lovely But Lethal

    A failing cosmetics executive murders a duplicitous scientist for a miracle cream. Later, Columbo arrives.

  44. Thumb 1537612845 artwork

    Columboys - 17 - Double Shock

    Martin Landau plays twins whose rich uncle is murdered. But which twin was the culprit? Also Mack and Ben allow themselves a brief moment of sincerity. Don't worry, it won't happen again!

  45. Thumb 1536475270 artwork

    Columboys - 16 - The Most Dangerous Match

    Columbo must match wits with a chess master who's always 5 moves ahead! Will his next move be a check mate? Castling! I'm out of chess jargon. Enjoy the episode!

  46. Thumb 1535174279 artwork

    Columboys - 15 - A Stitch in Crime

    Columbo must catch a crafty surgeon (Leonard Nimoy) before his patient's heart gives out. Will Columbo catch this highly logical villain and exactly how many times can mack use "live long and prosper" as the 'one more thing'? At least two so far!

  47. Thumb 1532623081 artwork

    Columboys - 14 - Requiem for a Falling Star

    A fading film star accidentally murders her assistant while trying to murder a tabloid journalist and The Columboys fall in love with legendary costumer Edith Head.

  48. Thumb 1532076551 artwork

    Columboys - 13 - Dagger of the Mind

    Columbo must solve a murder in Merry old England, or Southern California, depending on what scene you're talking about. Meanwhile, The Columboys must solve the mystery of exactly which podcast it is that they're doing.

  49. Thumb 1531522676 artwork

    Columboys - 12 - The Most Crucial Game

    Robert Culp returns in his most mustachioed role to date as a sports manager who kills off the philandering owner of a football team. It's a good one, folks!

  50. Thumb 1530435223 artwork

    Columboys - 11 - The Greenhouse Jungle

    This week Columbo must solve the case when a fake kidnapping turns to real murder. Meanwhile the Columboys struggle with their greatest problem yet: how to edit this episode of the podcast!

  51. Thumb 1529216880 artwork

    Columboys - 10 - Etude in Black

    A symphony's conductor murders a pianist and tried to make it look like a suicide. Will Columbo's investigation fall flat or will he be sharp? Hey I know that's an awful joke, but writing these things is hard and this podcast is free.

  52. Thumb 1528008516 artwork

    Columboys - 9 - S01E07 - Blueprint for Murder

    In the Season 1 Finale, Columbo must catch a devious architect who schemes to make his rich financier disappear. But when a costly and high-profile search turns up nothing, will Columbo ever catch his prey? Yes! Obviously he will. I can't believe you're asking that. This is the 9th episode of Columboys and you still haven't figured that part out? Sheesh.

  53. Thumb 1526787964 artwork

    Columboys - 8 - S01E06 - Short Fuse

    Columbo struggles to catch a whiz-kid chemist who murders his uncle to take over the family business, and the Columboys struggle to not talk about Roddy McDowall's extremely tight pants for the entire episode. Spoiler alert: Columbo is successful, the Columboys, less so.

  54. Thumb 1525496323 artwork

    Columboys - 7 - S01E05 - Lady in Waiting

    Columbo must crack the case when a wealthy heiress's plan to make her brother's murder look like a suicide goes awry. Meanwhile the Columboys must crack the case of just what the heck was up with that pool table in the department store.

  55. Thumb 1524376859 artwork

    Columboys - 6 - S01E04 - Suitable For Framing

    In this episode Columbo must somehow outwit the least capable and most obvious murderer of the entire series, a TV art critic who murders his uncle for his art collection.

  56. Thumb 1522814541 artwork

    Columboys - 5 - S01E03 - Dead Weight

    Columbo must solve a murder but the sole witness is being romanced (and gaslit to hell and back) by the killer!

  57. Thumb 1521946696 artwork

    Columboys - 4 - S01E02 - Death Lends a Hand

    Columbo matches wits with a ruthless investigator (Robert Culp) who murders the wife of a newspaper magnate to cover up his blackmail ring.

  58. Thumb 1520523926 artwork

    Columboys - 3 - S01E01 - Murder by the Book

    In this Spielberg Directed, Bochco scripted, Mancini scored debut episode , Mack and Ben find little to criticize and a lot to love!

  59. Thumb 1519493250 artwork

    Columboys - 2 - S01E00 - Ransom for a Dead Man

    A rich lawyer with a pilot's license (this is actually relevant, I swear) murders her husband and tries to make it look like a kidnapping gone wrong.

  60. Thumb 1518211527 artwork

    Columboys - 1 - The Original 1968 TV Movie - Prescription: Murder

    In the first ever (sort of) Columbo movie broadcast on television (kinda), Columbo is on the case of a psychiatrist who murders his wife with the help of his patient/lover. Absolutely no medications are prescribed during this movie.

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